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Teaching Writing to College Undergraduates

Regardless of the field of training, college faculty must frequently teach writing skills. To help, the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, a site devoted to... read more >


Nondenominational students more prevalent in seminaries

While more evangelical students enter seminary with only parachurch experience, some leave with denominational credentials.

Join the conversation at the Blog for Theological School Deans

Join the conversation at the Blog for Theological School Deans

The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion's Theology School Deans blog can offer support or a place for school administration to gather and share ideas, and where members of the Wabash Center's deans' colloquy continue their rich conversations about the work of theological school deans. Wabash's "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" blog features writing from e

Best Resources

Best Resources for Teaching Religion

Religious educators are often challenged to stay informed of best practices and trends in teaching, to keep coursework relevant to current issues, and to sustain professional inquiry into their area of expertise. Insights Into Religion offers a regularly updated archive of articles, research, information and educational opportunities for teachers of religion, provided by a number of our affiliate religious organizations and researchers who specialize in religious education. 


Teaching and Tolerating Faith in the Classroom

Faith enters the classroom in several ways. At a minimum, teachers and students arrive with their own views on faith. In addition, many colleges teach courses in religious studies, and... read more >


Teaching Religious Pluralism and Diversity

Teaching pluralism and diversity involves both content and method, for the inherent assumptions, biases and unconscious behaviors of teachers convey as much a message as does the content being presented. ... read more >


Teaching the Ethics of Writing

Plagiarism is a perennial problem, though it is not always intentional. Sometimes students plagiarize out of ignorance about how to properly cite and use other people’s work. However, at other... read more >


What makes a good theology school president?

Here's what. Read about the key finding of the "Leadership that Works" study that surprised researchers. According to the study, success hinges not on credentials, but on character. The study, co-authored... read more >


Traditions and Transformation in Theological Education of Clergy

By definition, theological education comprises the teaching of religious traditions and historically depends upon instructional methods that are, themselves, infused with pedagogical traditions. On the other hand, contemporary religious congregations... read more >


Teaching Controversial Issues

College students are bound to become caught up in conflict over ideas expressed within a course. How students react to controversial material is partially related to their stage of intellectual... read more >




What Brings You Happiness?

At Harvard Business Review, why the pursuit of money isn't bringing you joy -- and what will. [Read more]. "If there...

Communion Wafers: The Fine Art of Faith and Breadmaking

"The Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, or simply Carmelites, is a Roman Catholic...

Indiana Media Expands with Lily Foundation Help

WFYI Public Media and the eight other Indiana Public Broadcasting stations that make up IPB News will soon be hiring...

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