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The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion's Theology School Deans blog can offer support or a place for school administration to gather and share ideas, and... read more >

Best Resources

Best Resources for Teaching Religion

Religious educators are often challenged to stay informed of best practices and trends in teaching, to keep coursework relevant to current issues, and to sustain professional inquiry into their area of expertise. Insights Into Religion offers a regularly updated archive of articles, research, information and educational opportunities for teachers of religion, provided by a number of our affiliate religious organizations and researchers who specialize in religious education. 


Teaching Religious Pluralism and Diversity

Teaching pluralism and diversity involves both content and method, for the inherent assumptions, biases and unconscious behaviors of teachers convey as much a message as does the content being presented. ... read more >


Traditions and Transformation in Theological Education of Clergy

By definition, theological education comprises the teaching of religious traditions and historically depends upon instructional methods that are, themselves, infused with pedagogical traditions. On the other hand, contemporary religious congregations... read more >


Teaching Controversial Issues

College students are bound to become caught up in conflict over ideas expressed within a course. How students react to controversial material is partially related to their stage of intellectual... read more >


Pilot Small Grant Program

Seminaries and schools of theology that are members of the Lilly Fellows Program National Network of Church-Related Colleges and Universities are invited to submit proposals for small grants to stimulate... read more >


What is the Purpose of Institutions of Spiritual Education?

Jesuit schools of higher education base their pedagogy in a “theology of engagement” anchored to three core Christian convictions: that creation is good and worthy of study; that creation has... read more >


A New Book Suggests Teens Are Practicing Religion in Their Own Way

A New Book Suggests Teens Are Practicing Religion in Their Own Way Insights into Religion News Lilly Foundation Grants Funding Christianity Youth

In A Faith of Their Own teens rate the personal significance of religion highly; less so the institutional part.


Web fills the void of shrinking religion coverage in print media

Newspapers are a bit thinner than they used to be, but a simple Google search shows that there’s no shortage of religion news online. However, choosing credible websites is a new challenge.


FTE Doctoral Fellowships for Students of Color

The Forum for Theological Exploration offers fellowships to sustain current Ph.D. and Th.D. students of color through graduate school and into a vocation of teaching and scholarship. In doing so,... read more >





Presbyterian Seminary is pleased to share W. Sibley Towner's Prayers that Sing & Stir the Heart

Study of the Torah   O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — for generations now, our ancestors in the faith have...

ARDA GlobalPlus: Religion and Nationalistic Politics in India

One of the most important test cases of religious and political nationalism is unfolding in India, where a political...

Anglican Archbishop’s Lenten prayer book Written by a Catholic Priest

For those that have followed the close collaboration and friendship between Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury...

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