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A competitive marketplace is forcing churches to embrace business practices to court fickle churchgoers.


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Are there better ways to run congregational boards? One consultant offers up best practices.

Natural disasters, like the massive tornado that struck Oklahoma, can devastate entire communities and sometimes shake our faith, whether we are directly affected or not. Many ask why God would allow such tragedy, or wonder if the disaster is God’s punishment.

The past decade hasn’t been kind to American congregations. But things may not be that ominous.

Bikes help save energy

From bike racks to gardens, congregations can give testimony to their green values.

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All Over The World Young People Tend To Be Less Religious

"Recent surveys have found that younger adults are far less likely than older generations to identify with a...

Holding A 200 Year Present

"In last week’s On Being show, peacemaker John Paul Lederach tells a story of his mentor Elise Boulding...

36 Percent of All American Parishes are Bicultural

Some 36 percent of all American parishes are now designated as bicultural, according to a 2016 study from the Center...


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