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Transformation Requires a Renewed Body

Staci Haines, faculty member at the Strozzi Institute, says “we got it all wrong about the body.” She maintains the body is “the central place of transformation.” Neuroscience tells us... read more >


Laughing in Church: Why Is Humor Missing From Worship?

Humor is built into us. It helps us welcome others into a group, helps us heal, relaxes us, opens our minds, lets us gracefully see ourselves when we need to... read more >


Engaging Culture Theologically Through Music

Music has become an “aural lubricant” that accompanies us wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Consequently, we take music for granted and forget to value stillness. However, Western... read more >


Godly Gardeners — How Working the Land Helps Us Relate to God

Gardening is both a practical, life-nurturing task and a spiritual activity. It not only determines the quality of life we have from a nutritional perspective, but also spiritually. Gardening “embodies... read more >


Happiness and Money

Carol Graham of the Brookings Institution wants to better understand human well-being and how to advance it. Her study found that while money is important, such things as health, stable... read more >


Rediscovering faith in the midst of crisis: One Pastor's story

“Trust in God, in concert with trust in the people of my congregation, has transformed my ministry into a light burden. It is like feeling the ‘good tired’ after a... read more >


Christmas Ideas & Tips for Advent, Christmas Worship Planning

Advent Wreath Candles Christmas Lilly Foundation Funding Grants Insights into Religion News

Knowing that many of our visitors are in the midst of Advent and Christmas season worship planning, we searched our affiliate group sites for great resources and articles to help stimulate creative thinking and generate fresh Advent and Christmas worship ideas.


Living into God’s Dream for Us

The Rev. Catherine Caimano reminds us in her sermon that the only real life is the one we have with God. Now it is a dream we live into; but... read more >


Having This Ministry – A Sermon

Ministry is not easy; it often comes with sharp pain and torment. Yet 70 percent of the active clergy interviewed for the National Clergy Survey say they have never doubted... read more >





Explorer of the Universe, Stephen Hawkings Dies

  "Unlike me, Prof. Hawking did his best to stare into the far reaches of the universe. If anyone could have...

Philanthropy That Thinks Deeply About Rural Community

Based in Indianapolis, the Lilly Endowment is perhaps best known for its grants to strengthen pastoral leaders and...

Grappling with Questions of Belonging, Unity, and Faith

Years ago, against the advice of colleagues, Amanda Parrish Morgan taught Marilynne Robinson's debut novel,...

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