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Religious Laws in Seven Muslim Majority Countries

US President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration (January, 2017) bans citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days and suspends the admission... read more >


Online Discussion Groups / Book Clubs

It's like a Book Club, Online. Have you ever wanted to discuss a book with others? Have you considered the possibilities that an on-line book group might provide: a measure... read more >


Losing Faith in our Democracy

With $6 billion running through our election cycles, it is time for people of faith and moral commitment to get more involved in reforming the role of money in American... read more >


Learning Pastoral Imagination

Understanding ministry today is far from a self-evident exercise. Is it a calling? A professional role? A particular kind of identity conferred through licensing or ordination? How is ministry like... read more >


Young Minister's Corner for African American Clergy

This site includes an archive of articles on head and heart including Addressing the "Dead Dog Syndrome";  MLK Day 2012 Reflection: Courage for our Caution!;  No Child Left Behind: Building... read more >


Church History Resources

Reference questions in church history can vary from simple names and dates to complex questions about historical causation—and can be prompted by anything from a research paper or scholarly book... read more >


Rise Up! An On Scripture Feature

by Roger S. Nam (Micah 6:1-8) Rise Up!, An On Scripture Feature by Roger S. Nam with a focus on Micah 6:1-8. More Bible Study and Sermons Resources From Roger S. Nam (Jan 16, 2017).



Online facilitator training course videos available

Based on the Pastoral Excellence Network’s very successful two-day training, "Peer power: Cultivating Clergy Communities of Practice," the recordings of this three-session training held in the fall of 2016  provide... read more >


Ah, Jesus, I Get it Now!, An On Scripture Feature

by Rev. Jacqui Lewis  (Luke 17:5-10) Ah, Jesus, I Get It Now!, An ON Scripture Feature. A reflection by Rev. Jacqui Lewis with a focus on Luke 17:5-10 (Oct 02, 2016) On Scripture Video.





Holy Week Inspiration

In a few weeks, Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week and Easter, commemorating the final days of Jesus...

Encouraging Youth Away From Marijuana

   The legislative wars over marijuana are mostly trending in favor of those who support legalization. More...

Leadership La Porte County Hosts its 2nd Annual “Volunteer Expo” on April 19

Leadership La Porte County, Inc. was formed in 1984, with support from the Lilly Foundation, to encourage engaged...

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