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The Close of Worship

Because worship is a conversation with God, it matters how we end the dialogue. This Bible study uses passages from Numbers and 2 Corinthians as models to examine how to... read more >


The Service of the Lord’s Supper

This sacrament goes by several names: Lord’s Supper, Communion, and Eucharist – each referring to an aspect of the service that ought not to be lost. This Bible study provided... read more >


The Service of Baptism

In Matthew 28, Jesus makes it clear that being baptized goes hand-in-hand with becoming a Christian, and should be followed by teaching toward obedience. This study reflects on the sacramental... read more >


The Role of Praise and Thanksgiving in the Worship Service

Because corporate worship is a conversation with God, we expect, and are expected, to give a response to what God has said and done. This study uses passages from Exodus... read more >


The Role of Affirmations and Professions in the Worship Service

Reformed worship is built on the conviction that congregational worship is a conversation with God. Affirmations and professions are two ways the people of God speak to their Maker. This... read more >


Prayers in the Worship Service

Prayer serves many purposes in a worship service. This study leads a worship leader or leadership team into an exploration and discussion of biblical examples of prayer, the types of... read more >


Congregational Singing

Using Psalm 96 and Colossians, this study identifies praise, confession, lament, thankfulness, and the singing of creedal beliefs as the five types of song used in biblical worship. Discussion and... read more >


Worship Ideas for Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

The celebration of the Lord’s Supper has multiple layers of meaning. Reflection on those meanings leads to the recognition that this sacrament ought not to be held in a somber... read more >


Reading Scripture in Public Worship

The Word of God must be central to all worship planning. It is God’s voice to us in the worship service; therefore it must be clear that God comes to... read more >


The Role of Prayer in Public Worship

In the Reformed tradition, prayers constitute a very sacred time in which the corporate voice of God’s people is lifted heavenward; therefore, corporate prayers need to be carefully thought out,... read more >





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