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Unique, effective Youth Ministry Programs offer hope for the future church

Each summer since 1992, the Youth Theology Institute at Emory University invites a few dozen high school students from across the country to take part in an intensive, three-week Christian theology academy with a goal of cultivating the next generation of public theologians for the church and the world. In the article, Ministry with Youth: Emergent Paradigms and Possibilities, YTI founding director Don C. Richter writes about the program and some of the lessons he learned from his interaction with young Christians. His article touches on what he believes to be the future of Christianity, and urges faith communities to learn more about some of the emergent models for ecumenical youth ministry that he calls the harbingers of hope for the church of tomorrow. The essay also provides brief profiles of other effective youth ministry programs and can help initiate a discussion in your parish about creating or maintaining a vital youth program.



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