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On Memorizing and the Public Reading of Scripture

As Christians, we talk about how important the Bible is; however, many worship services reveal our confusion about how much memorizing or reading Scripture aloud really matters. By contrast, Paul... read more >


The Lord Is Risen! Easter Morning in the Moravian Tradition

In Winston-Salem, N.C., the Moravian Easter sunrise service features a brass band and draws thousands of worshippers. Steeped in a 240-year-old theological tradition, this particular service has helped shape and... read more >


Tips for Reading Scripture in Public Worship

The public reading of Scripture can, and perhaps ought to, connect powerfully and emotionally with its hearers. In a multifaceted article, author Joan Huyser-Honig summarizes 10 tips for reading Scripture... read more >


The New Face of American Poverty, 2011

Reading, Pa., has been identified as the poorest of cities in America with populations of 65,000 or more. A 24-minute video, called “Life at the Breaking Point,” chronicles the struggle... read more >


Use Technology to Support a Worship Lifestyle

New technology makes it increasingly easy to use mobile phones, laptops or iPads as devotional tools. Websites and device apps now help the technologically connected take time for faith practices... read more >


Video from the 2010 African American Lectionary Forum

The African American Lectionary offers resources that highlight the joy, freedom and challenge of being African American and Christian in North America. In 2010 the lectionary jointly hosted a forum... read more >


Preaching Development Resources for African American Clergy

The African American Lectionary website offers important and historical essays on black preaching, including perspectives on sermon construction, funeral sermons, homosexuality, womanist preaching, prosperity preaching, prophetic and doctrinal preaching, spiritual... read more >


Trusting God — Even When Life Is Turned Upside-Down

Why has God created a world in which such anguish and hardship is possible? Using the story of Abraham, asked to sacrifice is son Isaac, Ellen F. Davis, professor of... read more >


Great Omissions from the Great Commission

In a stirring and challenging sermon, Brian Stanley, professor of world Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, identifies several essential themes in the Great Commission of the Gospel of Matthew... read more >


Study, Worship Help For Bible Passages

Clergy, students, teachers, scholars and interested laity will find extensive study and worship aids for each passage of the Bible on the website The Text This Week. Resources are organized... read more >




Conservative Commencement Address 

"Harvard professor Danielle Allen's commence address at Pomona College was among the best at this year's graduations,...

A Sea of iPhones in Churches - Is It A Good Thing?

Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry delivered at the royal wedding a few weeks ago drew notice around the world for its...

All Over The World Young People Tend To Be Less Religious

"Recent surveys have found that younger adults are far less likely than older generations to identify with a...

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