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Preaching Development Resources for African American Clergy

The African American Lectionary website offers important and historical essays on black preaching, including perspectives on sermon construction, funeral sermons, homosexuality, womanist preaching, prosperity preaching, prophetic and doctrinal preaching, spiritual... read more >


Trusting God — Even When Life Is Turned Upside-Down

Why has God created a world in which such anguish and hardship is possible? Using the story of Abraham, asked to sacrifice is son Isaac, Ellen F. Davis, professor of... read more >


Great Omissions from the Great Commission

In a stirring and challenging sermon, Brian Stanley, professor of world Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, identifies several essential themes in the Great Commission of the Gospel of Matthew... read more >


Study, Worship Help For Bible Passages

Clergy, students, teachers, scholars and interested laity will find extensive study and worship aids for each passage of the Bible on the website The Text This Week. Resources are organized... read more >


textweek blog

Christian preachers and teachers will benefit from a weekly blog produced by the website The Text This Week. Working several weeks ahead of the Common Lectionary, the textweek blog provides... read more >


The Season of Lent: Penance, Forgiveness and Renewal

For many Christians the idea of Lent as a period of self-denial and sacrifice is outdated and in need of revision; for others, guilt remains a fact of life and... read more >


Muslim Humanitarianism in the Midst of Conflict

Two news videos from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly explore Muslim humanitarianism.  In Karachi, Pakistan, in the midst of ongoing destabilization and violence between religious and ethnic groups, 84-year-old Abdul Sattar... read more >


American Muslims Offer Perspectives on Ramadan

In this 4½-minute video news article prepared for Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, joyful Muslims discuss the meaning and practices of Ramadan as the holiest time in the Islamic calendar. This... read more >


Sermon Illustrations for the African American Church

The African American Lectionary project provides bible commentary, cultural and worship resources and additional supports for preachers who want to address the key liturgical and cultural moments important to most... read more >

Best Resources

Best Resources for Sermons

Creative, meaningful sermons in worship are the threads that connect a congregation, but how do we preachers become inspired to become writers week after week. Inspiration is everywhere, and Insights Into Religion offers a handy reference to helpful sermon resources and websites that can help guide and inspire clergy through some of the challenges of this fundamental — and often difficult — element of a Christian congregation.




Relationship Across Rupture

On Being with Sally Kohn & Erick Erickson, “Relationship Across Rupture”Two lightning-rod figures on...

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has received a $1 million grant

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship has received a $1 million grant to help establish the CBF Thriving in Ministry...

2018 Walter Wink Award for Scholar-Activism

A feminist, Christian social ethicist and Professor of Religious Studies at Elon University, Dr. Peters is a leading...

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