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Marking Time with Liturgical Dance

This essay reveals some powerful ways one church uses dance and dance-like movement to mark key seasons, transitions, and events in the church year and in the life of that... read more >


Effective Rest Home Ministry

With the increasing numbers of seniors in our society, the need for local pastors, lay leaders, and ministry groups to provide worship services in senior citizen centers and rest homes... read more >


Worship Planning with a Justice Theme

Justice in worship can be a celebration of God's character of justice, or a cry to God for justice in the midst of injustice, or a call to God's people... read more >


Introduction to Using Visual Communication in Worship

As we move into a post-literate world, images and symbols speak at least as powerfully as words in the same way that stained glass windows communicated the gospel story to... read more >


Christ the King Sunday Worship Services

Christ the King Sunday is the last Sunday before Advent, and anticipates the sovereignty of the born and risen Christ. It also serves as a transition from Ordinary Time into... read more >


Sermon Prep for Thanksgiving

Keeping the Thanksgiving service fresh, and finding new personal inspiration as a preacher, can be challenging. Here the task is addressed through a variety of ideas for the Thanksgiving service... read more >


Planning for Summer Worship: Constructing a Sermon Series

Here is a discussion of the benefits of using the summer months for worship planning teams to review the previous year and begin preparing for the upcoming September – May... read more >


Planning for Pentecost Season and Summer

Once Easter has been celebrated, worship planners face five months before the season of Advent. Seasonal planning for Ascension, Pentecost, and the period of Ordinary Time are the subjects of... read more >


Ascension Sunday Worship

The ascension of Christ means that in heaven there is one who knows what it means to be and to suffer as a human being; Jesus’ ascent into heaven is... read more >


Worship During Epiphany: Inspiration for Pastors

Christians often feel a bit of a letdown after Advent and Christmas, and as we move into the Epiphany season pastors and church leaders may need some inspiration as they... read more >





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