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The Blues and How Music Brings Us Together

The blues, which have so profoundly shaped American popular music – from jazz and rhythm & blues to soul – are regarded as a secular counterpart to the songs that... read more >

Best Resources

Best Resources for Sermons

Sermons,  and Scripture Studies, and Resources for Clergy Sermons, Audios, Videos, Books, Essays and more ... Creative, meaningful sermons in worship are the threads that connect a congregation, but how do we preachers become inspired to become writers week after week. Inspiration is everywhere, and Insights Into Religion offers a handy reference to helpful sermon resources and websites that can help guide and inspire clergy through some of the challenges of this fundamental — and often difficult — element of a Christian congregation.


From Soup to Sermon Resources from American Christianity

  From Soup and a Sermon to Mega-Mission: A Guide to Financing Rescue Missions ... Citation:  Fahs, Ivan, ed. From Soup and a Sermon to Mega-Mission: A Guide to Financing Rescue Missions.... read more >


Day One Sermon Topics on Faith, Love, Grace, Church, ...

  Day One Sermon Topics   Day One Weekly Broadcast   Faith Love Grace Church Discipleship Hope Fear Community Advent Calling Service Justice Forgiveness Prayer Trust Witness Death Resurrection Peace Wigstyt Connections   The Day1 Playlist   Susan Sparks: Laughing Our Way to World Peace Rev. Susan Sparks, former lawyer and now standup comedian and Baptist preacher, shares insights on... read more >


Birthing The Sermon Review

  Marcy Wright: " I’ve been reading “Birthing the Sermon: Women Preachers on the Creative Process,” by Rev. Dr. Jana Childers.  It’s a collection of essays by women pastors on how... read more >


Elements Included in the Congregations Largest Worship Service

  All figures show the percentage of congregations that include each element in their largest worship service.   Catholic Mainline Prot Conserv Prot All   Half or more of congregations in all three faith groups... read more >


Orality Strategies & Bible Stories

  Orality Strategies. Richmond, VA.   “Orality” refers to reliance upon the spoken, rather than written, word for communication. Orality Strategies’ passion is to provide religious leaders with resources that help you communicate God's... read more >


Sermon Resources From Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith (Way to Live & People Of Faith)

  Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith (Way to Live & People Of Faith)      Dorothy Bass, Leader of the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation... read more >





Watchfulness, Vision and The Future

It's a good word for the church. In his instructions to the church at Colossae, Paul asks his readers to be watchful....

Poll Out on Prayers of the Non-Religious

For many non-believers, it is an instinctive response to a crisis: “Please, God.” So perhaps it should not be...

Sermons for President's Day from Indiana University

War of 1812 in the collections of the Lilly Library at Indiana University:   Before the War, The War - 1812...


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