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Young Adult Ministries Report

Young Adult Ministries Report from Faith Communities Today. Young adults pose a vexing and urgent challenge for congregations. On the one hand, they are particularly crucial for growth and on the other, today’s young adults are less religiously affiliated, and less inclined toward religious belief and practice than ever before.  Using the Faith Communities Today 2015 survey results to explore young adult ministries (with “young adult” referring to individuals 18 to 34 years old), this report highlights major findings from that study in order to gain a better understanding of current trends and characteristics of congregations with flourishing young adult ministries.  Explore key findings about the latest research on young adult ministries in America's congregations. Young adult case studies and research summary.

The scholars at Faith Communities Today published a book, How Religious Congregations Are Engaging Young Adults in America, which tackles the challenge of having a flourishing Young Adult ministry.  This issue is addressed with facts, suggestions and examples from congregations that have been successful in attracting young adults. 





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