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Use Technology to Support a Worship Lifestyle

New technology makes it increasingly easy to use mobile phones, laptops or iPads as devotional tools. Websites and device apps now help the technologically connected take time for faith practices while on the go, and to be reminded to do so. Some preachers broadcast sermon outlines through Twitter, phone apps or Facebook to help members prepare for worship, follow the sermon and review the message. Some Catholics use iBreviary to recite prayers and responses during Mass; many Christians access scripture on mobile devices during worship; and a church in Florida uses Skype to celebrate communion with its sister church in La Paz, Bolivia. Learn more about the ways communication tools help people build lives of faith by reading “Technology that Redeems Downtime,” written by Joan Huyser-Honig for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, housed on the institute’s website. Also explore the accompanying links and reflection questions.



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