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   Religion News Service distributes religion news on a national website and via a wire service of nearly 200 subscribers worldwide  
Sermon on the Strip: 'Where is God?' | Religion News Service. Oct 8, 2017 ... Buddhist monks at Chaiya Meditation Monastery offer prayers for the victims on Oct. 8, a week after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. RNS photo by Kimberly Winston. LAS VEGAS (RNS) — The title of the senior pastor's first sermon since the mass shooting was a question many people struggled with all ...
This post-election sermon is the one you wanted to hear this week. Nov 18, 2016 ... A sermon on how to live together after such a contentious election.
He doesn't just listen to the Sunday sermon; he draws it | Apr 8, 2014 ... John Hendrix draws as he listens to the sermon at Grace & Peace Fellowship Presbyterian church in St. Louis on Sunday (March 15). Hendrix, a professional illustrator, sketches on the theme of the sermon during church and then finishes the piece at home later in the week.
The Slingshot: Pope's tough talk; post-resignation sermon; Islamic Shortcut DivorceAug 22, 2017 ... Francis says refugees trump national security. India outlaws quickie Muslim divorces. The Rev. A.R. Bernard explains why he quit the president's evangelical advisory board.
Liberty University responds to complaints about Glenn Beck sermon May 19, 2014 ... The evangelical super-school responds to complaints about Mormon Glenn Beck's sermon to students, saying that Beck may have had "born-again experience."
Papal Sermon | Religion News Service  Jun 20, 2016 ... Coverage of religion, ethics and spirituality from around the globe. 
Brooklyn megachurch pastor explains why he left the president's ... Aug 21, 2017 ... To many critics Trump seemed to draw a moral equivalence between neo-Nazi marchers and a group protesting their bigotry, one of whom died when a car driven by a white supremacist plowed into her. Delivering one of three sermons, as he usually does on Sundays, Bernard said that the president's ...
The Slingshot: Evangelical character; Moore's 'sermon Dec 14, 2017 ... Most white GOP Alabama voters disregarded misconduct allegations against Roy Moore. Moore issues a fire-and-brimstone sermonette. The lefty faithful gain political clout.
Atheist Asylum * Marriage Ban * Playoff Sermon: Tuesday's Religion ... Jan 14, 2014 ... Britain grants asylum to an Afghan man because he's an atheist. It's now illegal to have a gay relationship in Nigeria. And on game day, a 49ers fan and pastor speeds through the sermon.
Why mega-pastor Charles Stanley, 81, struggles with rejection Jan 24, 2014 ... At 81, pastor Charles Stanley is an evangelical icon whose sermons are broadcast on more than 2,600 television and radio outlets in more than 50 languages worldwide. - Image courtesy of Icon Media Group. At 81, pastor Charles Stanley is an evangelical icon whose sermons are broadcast on more than ...
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I'm Done With Religion | Christian sermon by Troy Black ... Listen to Troy Black's interview sermon, I'm Done With Religion. In this sermon, I ask four questions that lead us to know the real 
Wilbur Award 2015, Jeffrey Salkin, Religion News Service ... The Wilbur Award for "Digital Communications: Faith-Based Blogs" went to "Commentaries on American Jewish Life," Jeffrey Salkin,
This Megachurch Pastor Wears Supreme And Is Friends With Justin Bieber (HBO) ... Organized religion is at an all-time low worldwide. Congregations are hemorrhaging parishioners with confidence in the Church 
Pastor Monday Morning Press Conference. Pastor Trent talks about his performance and statistics from Sunday morning's service and talks about how he can Improve. John Crust. 
The Sermon That Shocked Everyone. Unforgettable Ending. Pastor Jeff Durbin was a keynote speaker at the 2014 IGNITE Conference. He was asked to speak about proclaiming the Gospel. 
Religion That Sends You To Hell!" by Paul Washer ... Used by Permission of Heart Cry Missionary Society: http://heartcrymissionary.com 
How to Have Strength During Stressful Times (Job 1:20-22) - Sermon How to Have Strength During Stressful Times (Job 1:20-22) May 19, 2013 Dr Kevin G. Swann, Pastor Ivy Baptist Church 50 Maple 
Taking Control of Our Thoughts– Dr. Charles Stanley ... The Bible is full of truth about the importance of controlling our minds. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley shares Biblical truth found in ... 
April 4, 2015 "The Blessing in Bad News" Pastor Howard-John Wesley ... 12:00 Noon Service Sermon Only Matthew 17: 22-23.
Pastor Joel Osteen's Full Sermon "The Power of 'I Am'" | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network. It's the sermon that changed the way Oprah sees her life. Watch as Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America's favorite preachers, reveals 
Joyce Meyer Sermons 2017. Joyce Meyer Sermons this Channel is dedicated to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Be Healed and get Blessed.  On Marriage.
Journalists & Religious Leaders Reflect on Faith in Myanmar Media. YANGON, Myanmar: On Nov. 13, 2014, Religion Newswriters Foundation gathered a panel of journalists and faith leaders ...
AME Emanuel Church full sermon. Charleston Church First Sunday Service Since Shooting. Les Grossman. A.M.E. Emanuel Church FULL SERMON. Emanuel AME Church Holds Sunday Service in Charleston... 
A look at the snake-handling churches of Appalachia. CNN's Gary Tuchman takes you inside the snake-handling churches of Appalachia. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube. 
Public outraged by pastor's anti-gay sermon ... We are still on the topic of a homophobic sermon that was delivered by guest Ghanaian pastor - Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, on ...  
EWTN Global Catholic Network, now entering its 35th year, is the largest religious media network in the world. EWTN's 11 networks 
The Great Duty of Family Religion - George Whitefield Sermons, Christian Praise and Worship in Songs, Sermons, and Audio Books. The Great Duty of Family Religion - George Whitefield Sermon Joshua 24:15 But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you ...
Elevation Church. See what God can do through you. This is the vision of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and based in Charlotte, NC 
Great News About the Good News by William Carrol Church Sermons, Sunday Sermons, Church Services, Bible Study, Christian.
Reverend Billy Graham's Final Sermon on His 95th Birthday .. After a lifetime of preaching, Graham reflects on America and the importance of God. 
The Journey of Bethany Church (Singapore) began from a BIG VISION from a man of God who was faithful to his calling and desired 
Creflo Dollar sermon 2018 - Regaining Your True Identity - Sermon 2018. Creflo Dollar sermon 2018 


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