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Sermon Ideas: Songs For Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time is the season of the church calendar that stretches from Pentecost to Advent, and from Epiphany to Lent. Ordinary Time is a good time to reflect on the life of Christ, or to more deeply consider biblical themes and connected passages, perhaps in a sermon series. To help clergy and worship planners design sermons and integrate sermon and service themes with Christian songs and hymns that reflect the life of Christ, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, devoted to the study and renewal of worship in faith communities, has prepared a web page with song titles organized topically around Christ’s Baptism, the Temptation of Jesus, Calling Disciples, and the Teaching and Ministry of Jesus. Each music title is a hyperlink that connects to information about the song or hymn, key Scripture references, theme-related Scripture passages, and core Confessions and Statements of Faith. Where possible and helpful, each linked reference is further linked to online Scriptures, source material, and commentaries, and to offline resources that may be purchased online. Also explore our resource articles, “Best Resources on Worship,” and “Take Action: Understand and Improve Worship Dynamics.”




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