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Retrospective on the Contribution of Jews to American History and Culture

The National Museum of American Jewish History, located across the mall from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, has as its primary theme the freedom of the Jewish community in the United States and “the opportunities, the challenges, the choices that come with that.” The museum chronicles the Jewish experience in the New World, from 1654 to the present, and highlights the significant role Jewish Americans have played in the pursuit of justice and full participation in American culture for all peoples. Explore the museum through the perspective of Josh Perelman, the museum’s deputy director of exhibitions, programs and collection, in this video report from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.



Tips on Thriving with Musical Staff

One thing is certain: church music ministry is a minefield these days. We are a visible presence, and it seems that...

Significance of Storytelling

“We Survive by Telling Stories” by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros Generational storytelling is a history book. It...

New Organ Can Mimic the Sound of an Ojibwe Flute

Early in the project, church leaders asked the Casavant sound engineers to build a set of pipes that could mimic the...


Mon, Jul 9, 2018 - 09:00 am
Race is a reality that profoundly affects congregational life throughout the United States, and there is a growing desire among...

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