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Resource: Sing Prayers for the Worldwide Church

"Sometimes a song is the best way to confess together the things that keep our churches from being Christ's visible presence in the world," writes Joan Huyser-Honig in an article written for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, an institute dedicated to promoting and supporting worship excellence in Christian faith communities.

Huyser-Honig's observation came from participating in the 2014 Calvin Symposium on Worship, during which a vespers service featured sung prayer. In her article, Huyser-Honig quotes workshop presenter Neal Plantinga Jr., who said that lament takes faith, and while "intercession may do the ones interceded for some good, [they are] sure to do the interceder some good." The article notes that "interspersing a sung refrain with spoken prayers is an easy way to involve all worshipers in interceding for the worldwide church," and offers links to a range of examples of singing songs from other cultures in their native languages, with guidance on how to introduce foreign-language lyrics to mostly English speaking congregations. The goal is to help worship leaders combine songs and prayers to help congregations pray for global Christians and international issues.

This page also includes links to additional resources featuring public intercessory prayers for world issues and prayers that accompany the Psalms. All of these resource pages include audio tracks illustrating their topics. For more on praying for people and communities experiencing difficult circumstances, see our feature article, "Majesty and Tragedy in Oklahoma."



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