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Religious laws around the world

Chicago meets its new archbishop as the ‘Pope Francis effect’ sets inReligion News Service: Pope Francis has chosen Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich to be the next archbishop of Chicago. In the pontiff’s most important U.S. appointment to date, he chose a bishop who shares the Pope’s own emphasis on listening to the flock and caring for the poor. The Guardian: Pope Francis praises human rights and religious freedom during Albania visit. [Read more on Faith & Leadership].

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What does the constitution in Albania say about religious freedom? How about in Afghanistan? The Association of Religion Data Archives, an archive and source for high-quality survey data sets, provides demographic profiles for most countries in the world, including religious adherence, social and economic freedom ranking, religious freedom score, and public opinions about religion and religious diversity. Now, the ARDA National Profiles pages include a section on references to religion in each nation’s constitution. To read the excerpts related to religion from the constitutions of nations around the world, access ARDA’s National Profiles page, select a nation and choose the “Constitution” tab.

For example:

Region: Southern Europe 
2012 Population1: 2,801,681 
Total Area (sq. miles)1: 10,579 
Life Expectancy at Birth1: 77.0

Gross National Income Per Capita (PPP 2012 US $)1: $9,930 
Official Religion(s) Or Church(es) 2: None

[More International information: The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA)].

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Pake (peace) or Paqe [pakje] or La Paqe or Páqja or Paqtim or Pakje (peace) or Paache (peace) in Albanian (sq) or Shqip spoken in Albania, Kosovo, Macédoine (Europe).
Albanian is the official language of Republic of Albania. Also spoken in Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, etc.

Paqe Island of Peace

"Ishulli i Paqes"
Island of Peace
a bit of sandy ground
less than a tenth of a mile long
in the lap of Lake Koman' river canyons
of northern Albania
wonder what is so peaceful 
about this crescent of land
that looks a bit like a fire-breathing sea monster
from space
with a small campground
along its spiny back

-Kimberly Burnham



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