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Reflection: Christ in our time

Our geographical location places us in “seasonal time,” our work imposes upon us an “institutional time,” the rhythms of our families provide us “family time,” and our personal goals, visions and responsibilities produce a “personal time.” Scripture recognizes these various “times” that make up our lives; it knows, too, of a different kind of time that is more linear than circular, that comes around every year but points to an end of time, the goal of time: Christ, who has come and is coming again. Advent cuts across our times to remind us that “the time is fulfilled,” writes Beth Felker Jones, a professor at Wheaton College, in an Advent reflection, and we are to prepare, to keep awake and see how Christ redeems the repetitive cycles of our times in the birth of Jesus. Find this reflection and other content relevant to the church year on Faith & Leadership, an online offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School.



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