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Pete Seeger-Inspired Sermon

As I’m sure many of us noted, this past Monday an American folk music icon, Pete Seeger, passed away at the age of 94.  The next day, one of you sent me an email, with the notation, “Sermon Inspiration.”  The email was a picture, a close-up of Pete Seeger’s 5-string banjo, the face of which is inscribed with the words: “THIS MACHINE SURROUNDS HATE AND FORCES IT TO SURRENDER.”
All of us have heard of Pete Seeger.  His style and songs influenced countless musicians.  And his conscience called us to think about our life together.  His politics made him controversial to some, but agree with him or disagree with him, his integrity and his courageous voice appealed to what Lincoln called the “better angels of our nature.”  Over the decades, songs such as “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” and “If I Had a Hammer,” became embedded in American culture, and found a place in the American soul.  “I call them all love songs,” Mr. Seeger once said of his music. “They tell of love of man and woman, and parents and children, love of country, freedom, beauty, (human)kind, the world, love of searching for truth and other unknowns.” [Read More]. 




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