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Occupy the Gospel

From the Occupy Wall Street protest to the National Association of Evangelicals, echoes of the early 20th-century Social Gospel movement can be found in a range of contemporary religious expression. Walter Rauschenbusch wrote the predominant book for the movement, calling on Christians to be at the forefront of healing the social issues of his day. Today, Rauschenbusch’s  great-grandson, Paul Raushenbush, is the religion editor at the Huffington Post. In a 50-minute audio interview conducted by Krista Tippett, Raushenbush identifies re-emerging strains of the Social Gospel movement in contemporary Christian exhortation and practice and shares his perceptions on how religion is evolving under the influence of digital technology. Listen to the audio file on the Krista Tippett on Being website, under the title “Occupying the Gospel.”



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