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Multimedia Resources and Their Use

    As scholarship moves toward the visual representation of information and teaching recognizes the multiple intelligences of learners, sources of audio, visual, and multi-media are in demand.  Faculty may seek the librarian’s help in locating high value materials or your counsel in using them.  Students creating presentations of their own research also look for creative media.




Presbyterian Seminary is pleased to share W. Sibley Towner's Prayers that Sing & Stir the Heart

Study of the Torah   O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — for generations now, our ancestors in the faith have...

ARDA GlobalPlus: Religion and Nationalistic Politics in India

One of the most important test cases of religious and political nationalism is unfolding in India, where a political...

Anglican Archbishop’s Lenten prayer book Written by a Catholic Priest

For those that have followed the close collaboration and friendship between Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury...


Tue, Feb 27, 2018 - 06:00 pm

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