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Lead Well and Develop Effective Lay Leaders

Many senior and solo clergy are caught in a "reactive" paradigm that is not oriented around a pragmatic strategy for training leadership. Other clergy fear releasing power and control. But because a congregation, like a small business, cannot grow beyond the means of its leadership to handle time and energy demands, developing effective lay leaders is a core component for growing a congregation and providing meaningful mission to the world. Stones Crossing Church, located in Johnson County, Indiana, engaged in a process to develop a plan for church leader development. "The key," lead pastor Scott Luck said, "is making the commitment to developing a plan that will work for your congregation." Luck was able to build his multi-layered leadership development plan with the assistance of an organization dedicated to supporting Indiana congregations as they respond to their opportunities and challenges, the Indiana Center for Congregations, and Stones Crossing Church is featured in the Center's Winter, 2014 newsletter. However, even without grant support, church leaders can improve their own leadership abilities, and develop leadership development programs for their laity. The Winter, 2014 newsletter includes a page of resources to help. For additional leadership development resources, see the various subcategories, feature articles, and annotations under our "Leadership" tab. Begin with our article, "Best Resources on Leadership,"  for links to other websites that emphasize leadership development theory and best practices.




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