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A Journalist's Guide to Religion and Politics

The link between religion and politics reflects the tension between church and state and frequently occasions intense public debate, especially during elections. Keen observers can see in those debates indications about where the country is headed. Because the 2012 Republican primary season began with evangelical, Catholic and Mormon candidates vying for voters who emphasize religious values, it is particularly helpful for throwing light on the larger social fabric. In an extensive set of resources intended to orient journalists to the secular and sacred context within the political arena, the Religion Newswriters Association created a resource page, archived on its sister site, ReligionLink, that offers perspectives on recent surveys of the public, significant articles and web posts, and recommended books about the intersection of religion and politics and how they played out during the 2012 election.



Sharing Deep Stories Despite Politics

“We all have deep stories, whatever our politics, but we’re not fully aware of them. They’re dreamlike and are told...

Support for Rural Pastors

Grove City College received a nearly $1 million grant to help establish the Project on Rural Ministry. It’s an outreach...

Sunday Church Servicing in the Wake of Hurricane Michael

"Church leaders knew the Sunday following the storm would be important and necessary in what's expected to be a...


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