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The importance of Leading (and collaborating) effectively

It is frequently noted in material on seminary leadership that the president and board chairman need to form an effective, mutually respectful relationship. The same can be said for all institutions, including churches, where the relationship needs to be forged between the senior clergy and the chairman of the church’s governing board. However, it is not always certain what that can look like. Here are two perspectives. The first is a two-part article written by Dr. Molly T. Marshall, president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary, and Philip R. Love, chair of the school’s board, in which they provide some insight on what makes a leadership-partnership work well for the benefit of an institution. In the second article, Leah Gaskin Fitchue, president of historically black Payne Theological Seminary, reflects on her appreciation for the guidance of her school’s board chairman, Bishop Vinton Randolph Anderson, and gives examples of how the cooperative relationship between the two leaders helps guide the seminary into the future. The articles are hosted on the website of In Trust, a member organization of more than 250 schools of education that seeks to sustain and promote effective school governance.



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