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Impact of Nonreligious People in the World Today

From differing perspectives, people wonder:

• Are nonreligious people significantly different from religious people, and is this something societies should be worried about?

• Should schoolteachers, immigration officers, lawyers and others who sometimes give consideration to people’s religiosity engage with nonreligiosity, too, and how should they go about this?

• What is the impact of this increasingly large and influential constituency on the political landscape, and how will they shape the politics of tomorrow? [Read More on Global Plus and the ARDA].


There is also more information at the Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN) is an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers; the network was founded in 2008 to centralise existing research on the topic of nonreligion and secularity and to facilitate discussion in this area.





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