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Images, Visual Symbols and Graphic Art Resources for Bulletins

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has visual symbols, icons and graphic art that can be placed on the cover of service bulletins, within the written liturgy, or on a large screen display.

Here are a sample of what is available free:

Alpha and Omega: The alpha and the omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. The Alpha and Omega is an early inscription, found in the Roman catacombs, signifying God's eternal being and reminding us of our limited understanding of a God who is without beginning or end. This God is the eternal One whom we worship and praise as we gather together. 

Scripture References

Isaiah 44:6
Revelation 1:8
Psalm 86:8-10
Occasions for Use
Opening of Worship 
Confession and Assurance
Proclaiming the Word
Profession of Faith and Remembrance of Baptism
Closing of Worship
all seasons (especially Advent and Easter)

Cedar of Lebanon

The cedar has been a symbolic tree of the Mediterranean region since ancient times. The cedars found on the hillsides of Mount Lebanon were so treasured that they were Solomon's choice for the temple. When cedars are cut down they do not form new shoots. For this reason they symbolize death. Yet the tree also signifies life with its characteristic long life span, its growth to magnificent heights, its fragrance, and its evergreen leaves. These splendid evergreens are planted by gravesides as a reminder of not only our lament of sin and death but our assurance of eternal life found in Jesus Christ.
Scripture References
Ezekiel 17:22-23
Isaiah 30:15, 18a
Romans 8:38-39
We speak with our hands, communicating to others and to God the yearning of our whole being. We clench them in frustration or anger, raise them up in prayer, or lay them on another for healing and blessing. As we open our hands we show our willingness to receive and give, presenting ourselves as a response to God's gracious gift.
Scripture References
Psalm 50:14
Matthew 5:23-24
Romans 12:1 (NIV)
Books on Images for Worship Services and Bulletins




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