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Honoring the Body, a Practicing Our Faith & Valparaiso Project Sermon by Don Richter

            Honoring the Body is based on Psalm 23 and I Corinthians 6:12-20, was preached by Don Richter for the May 2, 2004 Vespers Service at the Asheville School. 

            "Our work involves understanding Christian faith not simply as a set of beliefs and doctrines - although these are important - but as a way of life shaped by practices, by what Christians do in the world in response to the gift of faith. We like to think of practices as embodied wisdom that has been handed down to us by generations of faithful followers of Jesus; wisdom about how to care for the earth and manage our stuff, skills for making strangers feel welcome, gestures for forgiving others, including our enemies; and even good manners for sharing food and fellowship around the dinner table - as we just did - and here around the Lord's Table." ...[Sermon]

Practicing Our Faith: Fifteen sermon ideas can be found on the Practicing Our Faith website — a dozen core practices that enhance Christian discipleship. Each practice can serve as a theme for a single sermon or a sermon series. The accompanying resources for each theme make it possible to carry it into adult study programs. More sermon resources from Practicing Our Faith . 




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