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Holy Money

Money can be holy, a gift from God to be used to create community, not destroy it; it can be distributed to the needy rather than be hoarded; it can be used to build God’s kingdom rather than for personal aggrandizement. The money we give to the church is set apart, made holy and distributed to the church’s missional work in the world. But the money not given to the church, earned by God’s people in forthright and honest labor, is also holy money serving the good purposes of sustaining and refreshing God’s children. In all times, and especially in times when scarcity threatens, church leaders do well to articulate a positive theology of money, rather than merely warn against its misuse. Faith & Leadership, an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, offers insight in an essay, Holy Money, about the role of money.



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Mon, Jul 9, 2018 - 09:00 am
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