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Faculty Risk Losing Professional Autonomy

The 1915 Declaration of Principles of the American Association of University Professors proposed a social contract featuring a high degree of professional autonomy in return for a commitment to self-regulation through peer review. However, the level of faculty misconduct is sufficient today that, in any other profession, there would be a public outcry. The complacency of the professoriate in the face of this problem will likely lead to either administrative leadership intervention or eventual government intervention that ends professorial autonomy, according to Neil Hamilton, professor of law at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, and director of the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions. Read the entire article on the Intrust website blog, here: http://www.aacu.org/liberaleducation/le-fa06/le-fa06_feature2.cfm.




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Tue, Feb 27, 2018 - 06:00 pm

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