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Examining Faith and Change in Detroit Over Time

The devastation that has become Detroit raises a number of questions about how politics, social structures and culture combine to produce economic destruction. What might be the role of religion in social construction and deconstruction? In 1997, residents of three Detroit counties were queried about their work, health, marriage, family, finances, political views, religious convictions and practices, and childrearing practices. The codebook from the survey, titled "Social Change in Religion and Child Rearing," has been archived on the Association of Religion Data Archives website, a repository for high quality research and survey data. Use the codebook to conduct original inquiry into the social and religious convictions and behaviors of Detroit residents in 1997. Another codebook allows you to compare your findings to 1958: the "Detroit Area Study: 1958: The Religious Factor" provides information on the religious beliefs of residents of 1958 metropolitan Detroit and how religion affected their political beliefs and attitudes about what should concern public officials and leaders. An interim study, "Detroit Area Study, 1971 - Social Problems and Social Change in Detroit," is a third codebook that provides additional perspective on respondents' attitudes on society, politics, religion, marriage, and family. For more, explore the "Research" tab on our website, and read "Best Resources for Research." 



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