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Duke's Pulpit and Pew Project Sermon Resources

Pulpit & Pew This is the archived website of Pulpit & Pew, a now-completed interdenominational research project funded by Lilly Endowment to assess the state of the pastorate in the United States. 
Pulpit and Pew: Pulpit & Pew Research Project - an archived site  This archived site contains a description of the study's methodology, various reports in PDF format and a variety of research articles, lectures, sermons and other writings. Project Books. God's Potters: Pastoral Leadership.
How do Pastors Practice Leadership? | Pulpit and Pew By this definition, almost everything that a pastor does, whether preaching a sermon, teaching, or engaging in what some call "vision casting," contributes to his or her exercise of leadership. But some tasks are ones in which pastors more directly exercise leadership—for example, administering the congregation's affairs,
What do clergy do all week? | Pulpit and Pew Pastors appear to spend about an hour a day in prayer and meditation and about 1/2 hour a day reading for purposes other than preparing their sermons. These hours were not counted as part of the "work week" for the pastor; though they contribute in vital ways to the health of the ministry of the congregation. 
Pastors' Picks: What Preachers Are Reading | Pulpit and Pew  Pastors' Picks: What Preachers Are Reading. By Jackson W. Carroll. How often do clergy read? And what are they reading? In a project commissioned by Pulpit & Pew, clergy from eight denominations reported spending an average of four hours a week reading beyond the reading done for a sermon or teaching lesson.
A Satisfying Vocation? | Pulpit and Pew by Duke's Pulpit and Pew Project appeared in newspapers, church periodicals, and elsewhere this past spring. It was not the only, much less the most important, finding of the ... such as Richard Lischer's Open Secrets, or collections of sermons such as Barbara Brown Taylor's Gospel Medicine. It is why people are drawn
Who Will Lead Smaller Churches? - Sermons & Articles  While nearly every denomination surveyed has more than one minister per congregation—and some more than two—many of those ministers are chaplains, professors or parachurch ministers rather than local-church staff members, the report from Duke's Pulpit and Pew Research on Pastoral Leaderships stated.
How Much of Your Work Day Do You Spend Staring Into Space Nov 4, 2016 - Effective pastors spend five hours/week “sharing the gospel” compared to 0 hours for slacker less effective pastors. Duke Pulpit and Pew in 2002: (from a national survey of local church solo pastors or heads of staff, both Roman Catholic and Protestant). 33% of work week preparing for sermon and worship ...
Wounded Hearts Beholding God: 2009 Dec 25, 2009 - The following Sunday, I told part of the story as a sermon illustration (YES, I filled the pulpit and I will blog more about this later). Exiting church, there was ..... Duke's Pulpit and Pew project uncovered a significant amount of self-reported loneliness and isolation among American clergy...This loneliness ought ...




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