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Developing a Vision for Christian Leadership

What makes Christian leadership different from secular leadership, and Christian institutions different from their secular counterparts?

Clarifying your own sense of the work, mission, and goals of leading Christian institutions in a Christian way is increasingly important in our increasingly secular world. Faith & Leadership, and online offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School, has drawn together resources to help you think through these issues and clarify your vision for leadership. "Our resources include interviews with noted theologians and church leaders, articles about Christian leadership in action, and practical advice on some common challenges...." Access Resources on Christian Leadership. For additional perspective, see our article, "Best Resources for Clergy," for insights on the social, financial, congregational, and personal dynamics that influence clergy lives and ministry. Also see "Best Resources on Leadership" for resources to assist in leadership education and practice at all levels of religious organization, and explore other headings under our "Leadership" tab. 



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