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Clergy Can Learn Leadership From the Military

What can clergy learn from the military? In the Army every senior officer is expected to train people two levels below and know the mindset of those two levels above. Pursuing that goal produces “nested leadership,” which creates a “coherent set of leaders who as a body are moving the organization forward” while allowing on-the-fly decisionmaking by junior officers that responds to changing circumstances on the ground, but does so in a way that does not harm the overall mission; that may significantly advance it by taking advantage of unexpected opportunities. In a conversation with Faith & Leadership, the online magazine of Leadership Development at Duke Divinity School, retired Gen. James Dubik, a Catholic lay leader, explains the multifaceted leadership development process used by the Army that includes institutional, organizational and personal elements. Read “Your job is to develop people,” and watch video excerpts, hosted on the Faith & Leadership website.




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