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A Chapel Planning Process that Engages Students

“In chapel now, there’s not nearly as much talking or goofing around or being late,” says Ben Dykhouse in an interview conducted by Joan Huyser-Honig for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, a project that seeks to renew worship in faith communities. “We hear from our chapel team and other teachers that chapel experiences come up in class discussions.” Dykhouse co-teaches a class at Ontario Christian High School in California that plans and leads school chapel services. He credits the program’s success to the planning model they have put in place that focuses on student-defined and -led worship themes and topics at chapel. In a short video, Dykhouse talks about his school’s incorporation of multicultural worship as an act of hospitality to its international student body. Student Hannah Huisman helps plan high school chapel services and student-led worship services at her church. In an interview, she discusses some of the ways her church has learned to incorporate young adults and how those teens have contributed to the church’s worship vitality




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