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Can Sunday be a day for sports and spirit?

Two pastors were led to new discoveries about how to meet the worship needs of contemporary families by answering the question, “Who’s missing?” Usually, people miss church for one of three reasons, they found. They are shut-ins and unable to get there, they are families who participate in Sunday youth sports, or they're empty-nesters who travel. By opening up dialogue with the "missing," the churches were able to solve the scheduling conflicts for most of them and bring them back into Sunday worship. Read their stories in an article published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, including how one church turned member travels into opportunities to experience the rich tapestry of Christian worship traditions. Use the study questions and linked resources to stimulate and expand discussion in your church about bringing your missing church members back into Sunday worship.




Holy Week Inspiration

In a few weeks, Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week and Easter, commemorating the final days of Jesus...

Encouraging Youth Away From Marijuana

   The legislative wars over marijuana are mostly trending in favor of those who support legalization. More...

Leadership La Porte County Hosts its 2nd Annual “Volunteer Expo” on April 19

Leadership La Porte County, Inc. was formed in 1984, with support from the Lilly Foundation, to encourage engaged...


Thu, Apr 5, 2018 - 08:00 am
Author of "The Color Purple" Alice Walker will keynote the April 5-7 conference organized by

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