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31 New-Life Qualities for Becoming 'Alive in Christ'

In Colossians, Paul boldly states that true believers "have been raised with Christ." That is to say, Christians are "Eastered People," who have been raised from the old life of death and sin to a "fresh, alive-in-Christ" manner of living, according to Dale Cooper, a resource specialist for liturgical spirituality at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, which promotes and supports worship renewal in Christian communities.

Because Christians are dead to the old world and alive in the new, Paul exhorts them to "clothe yourselves" with a series of 31 new-life qualities, behaviors and attitudes: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, love, peace, gratitude, dwelling together in God's Word, learning God's Word, teaching God's Word, singing together, centering in Jesus, and being white-hot with purpose.

In a series of meditations offered during the 2014 seasons of Easter, Pentecost and Ordinary Time, Cooper invites and challenges Christians to consider each of the "articles of clothing" that "make up the Christian 'uniform of Easter'" that they are called to "put on and wear daily." In each meditation, Cooper considers the meaning of one of the qualities Paul identifies and shows some of the ways the quality is manifested in Christian life. Each segment offers a beginning point for personal meditation, group discussion, or a worship theme.

Access "Compassion," the first in this series of Christian resurrection character attributes, and follow the links at the bottom of the reflection for subsequent installments. For related material, see our feature article, "Best Resources on Spiritual Practices."



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