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International Survey Data

The Association of Religion Data Archives contains nearly 500 archived data files where you can find international data on topics such as attitudes toward abortion or levels of religious freedom;... read more >


Global Regional Profiles of Socio-economic Development

Explore and compare general demographic data, along with measures of relative religious freedom and tolerance, on up to eight regions of the world at a time on the Association of... read more >


Country Profiles of Socio-economic Development

Are you researching the relative religious freedom or tolerance present in two or more countries? The Association of Religion Data Archives site allows you to simultaneously compare a variety of... read more >


Global Regional Profiles of Religious Tolerance

Explore socio-economic and religious adherence data on large global regions, such as Central America and South-Eastern Asia, as well as on measures of socioeconomic development and religious freedom. Comparative regional... read more >


Country Religious Tolerance Profiles

Have you ever wondered how religiously tolerant the island of Bougainville is? Or how Burkina Faso compares to Cote d’Ivorie on measures of religious freedom?  Need to know how many... read more >


2000 Unitarian-Universalist Church Survey

A data set from the Unitarian Universalist portion of the Faith Communities Today 2000 survey can be found on website of the Association of Religion Data Archives. The Faith Communities Today... read more >


Presbyterian Church Surveys

The Association of Religion Data Archives contains 128 studies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The bulk of the data sets are from the annual Presbyterian Panels surveys between 1991 and... read more >


Church of the Nazarene Surveys

Two distinct data sets on the Church of the Nazarene are archived on the website of the Association of Religion Data Archives. The first is a series of annual reports... read more >


Church of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) Historical Survey

Between 1967 and 1969, the Mormon Church conducted the first large-scale survey of adherents, focusing on Salt Lake City and San Francisco. Find the data set archived on the Association... read more >


United Methodist Church 2001 Survey

Three data sets that describe attendees and leaders and provide a profile of the United Methodist Church from the 2001 U.S. Congregational Life Survey can be found on the website of the... read more >




A Piano for Christmas

It’s never too early for a great Christmas ad. This is from the folks at John Lewis in Great Britain, who every year...

Can Religion Unite America?

    Calling out racism in American churches, David Gushee, the outgoing president of the American Academy of...

Are American's Religious Communities Unique?

Two-thirds of U.S. Christians pray daily, compared with a median of just 18 percent of Christians across 15 countries...

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