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Bible Study and Sermons, Resources From Union Presbyterian Seminary

  This Week At Union Presybyterian Seminary ...   Lunch and Presentation Featuring Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb  Tuesday,March 21 Complimentary Lunch 12:00-12:30 Dr. Raheb's Presentation 12:30-1:30   Dr. Raheb is the senior pastor or the world famous... read more >


Bipolar Faith By Monica A. Coleman

Books by Monica A Coleman Author of Bipolar Faith     On Scripture Feature:  Lost and Found: Depression and Isolation, An On Scripture Feature by Karyn L Wiseman with a focus on Luke 15:1-10. More Bible Study and... read more >

Silence is Not An Option

Silence is Not An Option

"Hate has a history. And it extends into the present.

Black Seminarians Council at Fuller Seminary and Fuller studio present “FULLER dialogues on Race”

Black Seminarians Council at Fuller Seminary and Fuller studio present “FULLER dialogues on Race”

The Black Seminarians Council at Fuller Seminary and FULLER studio present “FULLER dialogues on Race,” a careful reflection on racism and injustice, biblical wisdom, and ways the church can respond faithfully to today’s social crises. Panelists included:
Kerwin Manning, Senior Pastor of Pasadena Church
Erin Dufault-Hunter, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics
Tommy Givens, Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies
Steve Yamaguchi, Dean of Students at Fuller Seminary


All Are Welcome Means Nothing

  "Clearly, the world has changed. It’s changed for church leaders too—radically. So what happens when church leaders are unaware of what’s going on around them? It’s simple. Church leaders who are out of... read more >


The Devil You Know: The Effect of Belief on Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, the devil you know appears to be much more dangerous than the devil you don’t. Belief in the existence of powerful supernatural evil beings was one... read more >


Are We Safer? and On Scripture Features by Johnny Ramirez-Johnson

  Are We Safer Now?  Security and Mercy in God’s Law, An On Scripture Feature  by Johnny Ramirez-Johnson  (Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18)   From A Tree To A Trhone: The Story of Zacchaeus, An... read more >


Lilly Funded Education and A History of US and International Policy to Protect Refugees

      In the wake of the Trump Administration’s immigration order, learn more about the history of U.S. and international policy to protect refugees—including women and children—around the world. [Read the article... read more >





Religious ‘Nones’ are Gaining Ground in America

Thirty-four percent of Americans surveyed said they were atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular,” according to...

$10 million grant from the Lilly Endowment for Charleston's International African American Museum

The museum has announced several major donations this year, including a $10 million grant from the Lilly Endowment last...

Yolanda Johnson-Moton Honored

Yolanda Johnson-Moton is the Director for external relations at Eli Lilly and Company where she drives the strategy and...


Wed, Feb 28, 2018 - 08:00 am
By invitation; ATS is marking the 20th anniversary of the Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative with a ga

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