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8 Years to Complete An Image of the Duomo di Santa Maria Nascente, in Milan, Italy

Markus Brunetti images are an amalgamation of thousands of photographs, which Brunetti takes from the street with a large-format camera in the course of weeks or even, in some cases, months. (Brunetti, who is German, started the series in 2005, after trading in a job in advertising to live in a mobile computer lab with his partner, the photographer Betty Schöner.) Then he spends years digitally stitching the ornate details together, while erasing pesky signs of modern life. Gone are the tourists, the postcard venders, lampposts, scaffolding, pigeons, and most of the trees (a few remain to establish a sense of scale). A smattering of gravestones at the base of a medieval wooden stave church in Borgund, Norway, might seem like the closest that Brunetti comes to acknowledging the human race. [See Images]




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