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Sermon Resources from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (PBS) & YouTube Videos

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (PBS): Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly provides distinctive, cutting-edge news coverage and analysis of national and international events in the ever-changing religious world.  http://religioninsights.org/religion-ethics-newsweekly  http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/
   Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (PBS) YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ReligionEthics
Riverside Church Installation Sermon for Brad Braxton | Jun 12, 2009 ... A sermon delivered by Dr. Robert M. Franklin at the installation of the Reverend Dr. Brad R. Braxton, Senior Minister of The Riverside Church, New York City, April 26, 2009. 5For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. 6 For God, who said, “Let ... 
Christmas Peace | December 20, 2013 | Religion & Ethics ... Dec 20, 2013 ... According to the Christmas story in the Bible, angels proclaimed “peace on earth” when they announced the birth of Jesus. In 1967, in a Christmas Eve sermon, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said that “we neither have peace within nor peace without.” How do contemporary Christians understand Christmas as ... 
The Rev. Christian Fuhrer Extended Interview | November 6, 2009 ... Twenty years ago, a nonviolent movement emerged from the sanctuary of historic St. Nikolai Evangelical Lutheran Church in Leipzig. It was rooted, according to its pastor, in weekly prayers for peace and readings from the Sermon on the Mount that countered "the reality of political hopelessness."
Listen Now / Read the Transcript | September 5, 2008 | People are looking at the sermons that they've preached and the theology that they've taught. And certainly in this age of “YouTube” and blogging, it's being sent allover the place and being given a real political spin too. ABERNETHY: You were at the Democratic Convention as well as the Republican ... 
Christmas Music Tells the Story | December 18, 2015 | We look at how music—carols, hymns, and popular songs—embody the meaning of the Christmas story and play a central role in the celebration of the season. 
Peggy Bulger: Inauguration Sermons and OrationsFeb 5, 2009 ... Watch Peggy Bulger, director of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, describe the response so far to the Inauguration 2009 Sermons and Orations Project.
Jewish Jesus | August 10, 2012 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS Aug 10, 2012 ... LAWTON: She says his teachings, such as in the famous Sermon on the Mount, are expansions of teachings in the Torah. PROFESSOR LEVINE: He's going to the law and bringing out the heart of it, which is also what Jewish teaching does. So he says not only don't murder; he actually says you have to ...
Coping with Loss and Grief | February 7, 2014 | Coping with the loss of a loved one can cause some to question their faith. But others say believing the deceased are in a better place brings peace.
Interview: Rev. Dr. Brad Braxton | July 2, 2009 | This past Sunday at the Riverside Church was Pride Sunday, and I publicly on multiple occasions, including my Sunday sermon, declared myself proudly to be a heterosexual ally for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer persons and preached a sermon about struggling for the rights and dignity of ...
Prosperity Gospel | August 17, 2007 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly An interpretation of Jesus' teachings that emphasizes wealth and prosperity seems to be spreading fast, especially in many African-American churches. But critics are calling the “prosperity gospel” a distortion of authentic Christian faith.
Religion and Ethics: Are They the Same? 5/17/15 Sermon. Reverend Tony Larsen. 
One Extraordinary Church, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.  It's the House for all Sinners and Saints in Denver, a widely unconventional congregation led by Evangelical Lutheran pastor Nadia 
YouTube Sermons
Alternative Facts in Religion - A sermon by Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar. All Souls Unitarian. The sermon was delivered on Sunday, April 23, 2017, at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Rev. Dr. Marlin \
Why I no longer go to church, sermons like these: Greg Koukl; Tactics for Christians. PineCreek. In this video I critique Greg's message (I agree with much of it) and use Greg's words to defend Street Epistemology (thanks Greg!). 
The Religion Of Cain And The Faith Of Abel. lillygrovembc. Hear the dynamic teachings of Reverend Terry K. Anderson, Senior Pastor of Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church and experience
Ch. 3.2-Religious Ethics of Western Faiths, part II: Matthew 5-7. The Moral World. This video lecture looks at Jesus' sermon on the mount as a key ethical teaching for the western faiths. 
Voddie Baucham - The Basis for Biblical Ethics. marcelo h. The Basis for Biblical Ethics Romans 12-16 By Voddie Baucham Bible Text: Romans 12:1 Preached on: Sunday, August 7, 2011
Rev. Sylvester Sermons (Earlier). David Sylvester. He Died For The Low-Down And Dirty (10-17-13). The Christian Code Of Ethics (10-13-13) 
Stanley Hauerwas: "Elected: A Sermon for the Day of the U.S. Presidential Election"  Duke Divinity School held a Service of the Word with Stanley Hauerwas, the Gilbert T. Rowe professor emeritus of Divinity and Law. 
Proverbs #16: A Biblical Work Ethic. Life Essentials Videos. www.lifeessentialsstudybible.com Though sin has impacted all creation, we are to be diligent and industrious, meeting our personal 
The Basis for Biblical Ethics - Voddie Baucham Sermon Teaching, Sunday Sermons, Church Services, Good Sermons The Basis for Biblical Ethics - Voddie Baucham Sermon Teaching , Sunday Sermons, Church Services, Bible Study, Christian 
Heaven and Hell: Pastor Rob Bell Extended Interview on Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly. Full story: http://to.pbs.org/pewjT5 "It seems to me like the church would be the place that would lead the way in having dangerous ... 

Ethics and Preaching Methodist Church The Revd Prof Neil Messer, URC minister and ethics specialist, discusses how his study of ethics affects his own preaching. 
Debate on Ethics (Dan Barker - Kevin Cauley). World Video Bible School (WVBS) http://video.wvbs.org The debate between Dan Barker (atheist) and Kevin Cauley (Church of Christ) was held November 15, 2009
The Basis for Biblical Ethics by Voddie Baucham Sermon Library The Basis for Biblical Ethics by Voddie Baucham. 
Nuns on the Bus: Preaching the Faithful Budget Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly http://to.pbs.org/KSxPZU Watch excerpts from the July 2nd arrival of "Nuns on the Bus" on Capitol Hill and listen to Sister Simone 

Church Sermon: Comparative Ethics. DrPlatypusMan Sermon: The Ethics of Faith, Part 2 (May 1, 2016) 

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