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Bible Study and Sermons, Resources From Union Presbyterian Seminary

Lunch and Presentation Featuring Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb 
Tuesday,March 21
Complimentary Lunch 12:00-12:30
Dr. Raheb's Presentation 12:30-1:30
Dr. Raheb is the senior pastor or the world famous "Bethlehem Christmas Church" (The Evangelical Christmas Church in Bethlehem -yes, the same place Jesus was born). He is also the President of Dar al-Kalima University College in Bethlehem and is the founder and President of the remarkable "Bright Stars of Bethlehem" interfaith ministry for children and adults. 
We will gather in the Union's Belk Chapel. We look forward to sharing this time with you- bring a friend! Just let us know that you are coming so we can plan accordingly for lunch: [email protected]; [email protected] 
Scripture Study and Sermons

Hebrews 3  Change of Pace during Lent Seasonal Devotions by members of the Union Presbyterian Seminary community  with a focus on Hebrews 3: 12-19 More Bible Study and Sermons Resources From Union Presbyterian Seminary (March 8, 2017) However, today’s text does not provide for an opportunity to still one’s mind, or to wake up slowly in contemplative prayer… it’s all about a change of pace with action and urgency. For the writer of Hebrews, today is the day.






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