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On Being Gathering in February and Other News From On Being

According to On Being founder Krista Tippett, We are now the On Being Project. And I’m thrilled to introduce you to the beautiful, expanded On Being team.

Meanwhile, we’ve been producing the On Being episode each week as ever, adding new voices to the blog, and also making some new things.

We hosted the first ever On Being Gathering in February. It was a joyous, nourishing, energizing experience. We learned so much, gained so much, and will continue this experiment in the future. We had to turn too many people away, and this is flowing into our thinking and planning forward.

We’ve been on the road with the Civil Conversations Project from Missoula, Montana to the National Holocaust Museum. The Grounding Virtues and Better Conversations Guide are finding resonance in civic spaces, circles of family and friends, classrooms, and convenings.

We’ve recently launched a new podcast, This Movie Changed Me, which gets at the kinds of questions On Being takes up but through a lens of popular culture. It is exquisitely produced by Maia Tarrell and Chris Heagle and hosted by On Being Studio’s Executive Producer Lily Percy. If you haven’t listened, TMCM is a delight. Please subscribe! And let us know what you think."



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Sat, Jun 30, 2018 - 09:00 am
Frances Taylor Gench will preach and lead a workshop entitled “When the Bible Raises Your Blood Pressure: Faithful Wrestling with...

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