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ON Scripture – The Bible is a weekly column from Odyssey Networks that interprets texts from the Christian lectionary through the lens of current events.

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ON Scripture – The Bible

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2017. For the past six years ON Scripture - The Bible has brought the insights of our prophetic texts to illuminate our understanding of current events, specifically around issues of social justice. We have strived to be a resource that provides insight into key issues through a unique combination of video, Scripture, and astute biblical commentary. However, after much consideration we have decided that on October 1st we will be winding down ON Scripture as we look to new ways to make Scripture relevant and accessible.

We are excited to continue our mission of lifting up the voice of faith in working for social justice with the creation of “Odyssey Impact” (http://www.odyssey-impact.org/). In this new venture we will continue to shine a light on the issues of our day through documentary films and support materials such as study guides that lift up the insights of Scripture. Our aim is to help support and equip people of faith who work tirelessly on such topics as mass incarceration, racial justice, veterans’ issues, and healing across the divides that stricken our country.

You can follow us on Facebook at /odysseyimpactNYC and on Twitter at @OdysseyImpactNY. In conjunction with our producing arm, Transform Films (www.transformfilmsinc.com), Odyssey Impact will be driving mission as a catalyst for change by bringing the insights of scripture to the public square. As we embark on this new venture, we hope that you will be part of this new journey with us.

ON Scripture – The Bible is a unique Biblical commentary from Odyssey Networks that features scripture with a current events spin.

The goal of ON Scripture is to make scriptural analysis accessible to everyone, not just preachers or religious scholars. Each week, ON Scripture writers take the readings from the Christian lectionary, and reflect on them through the lens of what has been happening in the news. Through this current events-based analysis, the text becomes relevant to a diverse audience of people of all faiths (as well as non-believers) who are interested in learning about the Bible and how it can connect with their daily lives.

ON Scripture – The Bible is published every Wednesday on OdysseyNetworks.org, Huffington Post Religion and Day1.org. It is supported by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment.

Visit ON Scripture on Facebook and Twitter.



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