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Wise Stewards Initiative Seminar

A three-year initiative to help theological schools improve and employ their governance systems to effect significant change, rather than preserve the status quo.

Who can participate: Teams from accredited theological schools, whether freestanding seminaries or divinity schools that are embedded in colleges or universities. Up to 10 institutions per year will be invited to participate.

What’s the cost: Thanks to significant support from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, there’s no cost to participating schools.

When will it take place: Schools that are interested in participating should contact us now, as the first cohort will be assembled in late 2018.

Why it may be worth your time: At many theological schools, boards; committees; and bylaws are mostly used to bring about gradual improvements.

But at some schools, more significant changes may be needed. Can the instruments of academic governance be used to make the changes needed to move a theological school from what it is now to what it could—and must—become?

In this initiative, each team is paired with a governance coach and is assigned to a cohort of peer institutions. Then over a three year period, the team will learn from its peers, members of the Advisory Council, and faculty coaches.

Read more about the Advisory Council and Faculty.


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