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Sib Towner's Lenten Devotionals

Like the Beast, We Must Die
O God, you made us fearfully and wonderfully well and gave us the most remarkable organ in all the animal kingdom: the human brain. But we remain what you made us even so—creatures of the earth—and to the dust of the earth we shall return.
You gave us the capacity to see great distances with the mind's eye—to dream dreams. Yet you also placed us within a world of orders that we must obey. And one of those orders is that we must die. It's not your fault, O God, and we're not mad at you. We wear out, like every other creature.
O Loving God, help us to live fully and richly while we live; to enjoy our work and our loves; to savor the sunshine, relish the rain, and learn to whistle the songs of the meadowlark and "Godspell." Help us to join you in your work of creation. And when the day comes that we cease to exist as living organisms, enroll us, we pray, in the ministry of your kingdom. And let it be lively, Lord. Let it be lively!
In Jesus' name, we pray. AMEN.
(See Ecclesiastes 3:16-22)
W. Sibley Towner, Prayers that Sing & Stir the Heart, p. 45
Union Presbyterian Seminary




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