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Sermons for President's Day from Indiana University

Before the War, The War - 1812, The War - 1813, The War - 1814, The War - 1815, After the War
War, The Work Of The Lord, And The Coward Cursed. A Sermon Delivered In The First Presbyterian Meeting House In Cincinnatti, Ohio, To The Cincinnatti Light Companies. May 14, 1812.
A Sermon Delivered In Boston, June 1st, 1812 : Before The Ancient And Honourable Artillery Company, On The CLXXIVth Anniversary Of Their Election Of Officers 
A Sermon, Delivered By Special Request, To The Military Department In Middletown, Vermont, On May 10, 1814
The Principles And Maxims On Which The Security And Happiness Of A Republic Depend : A Sermon, Delivered Before The Governor, The Lieutenant-Governor, The Council And The Two Houses Composing The Legislature Of The
Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, May 29, 1811, Being The Day Of General Election 
The Apology Of Patriots, Or The Heresy Of The Friends Of The Washington Peace Policy Defended. A Sermon, Preached In Worcester, Massachusetts, On The Day Of The National Fast, Thursday, August 20, 1812. Observed In
Compliance With The Recommendation Of James Madison, President Of The United States; And In Consequnce Of The Declaration Of War Against Great Britain.
A Sermon Preached At Byfield, On The Annual Fast, April 11, 1811




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