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Sermon Resources for Mother's Day May 13, 2018

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th, 2018.

Here are some sermon resources:

Articles from Religion News Service

The Pattern of the Christian Year (Bible Study) from the Calvin Institute Of Christian Worship

Text Study for May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Resources from the African American Lectionary

Faith & Leadership Mother's Day Resources

Mothers The On Being Project


Leaders as Mother's 

Pastors and church leaders are mothers, because our labor has everything to do with creating space for new life to happen, creating space for the gift of life, for people to be reborn into the God of life.

Talking About Adoption

Not talking about awkward emotions, say after infertility, pregnancy out of wedlock, or adoption, may seem kind. But it's better for churches to include adoption and related issues in baptisms, worship, and church life. A feature story exploring the case for talking about adoption in worship. [More].

Creative Imagination

"I used to feel (the standard complaint) that Mother’s Day was too prescriptive or idealized motherhood unrealistically.  But you asked what it’s missing, rather than what it has too much of.  I miss the same thing I generally miss at church (although we have a few exceptions in my ward and stake).  I miss spiritual imagination.  I miss vision.  I miss both the celebration of our understanding of the eternities and the creative imagination of how our deep identities might be reflected in our lives and how we conceive of them.  I miss hearing new songs or even new verses to old songs (metaphorically speaking)." - Jana Riess [New song].

Infertility Issues

Johnson, 36, a researcher at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, said people she has surveyed from a range of faiths report hearing this kind of advice: “You just have to let go and let God.” “Have you prayed about it?” “You just have to believe.” Across the board, this prompted infertile women to shy away from sharing their circumstances. [Details].


Happy Mother's Day Insights into Relition Lilly Foundation GrantsHappy Mother's Day Insights into Relition Lilly Foundation Grants



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During a three-year longitudinal study launched by the Fuller Youth Institute, a parent with three post–high school...

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On Sunday, before worshippers at Washington's National Cathedral, Michael Gerson, Washington Post columnist, delivered...

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"Last fall, Lilly Endowment launched the seventh phase of its Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow initiative (GIFT VII),...


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Knowing that preachers and teachers are in the midst of worship and sermon planning, we searched our affiliate group sites for great...

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