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Sermon Resources by Carl Dudley

 The Christian Ministry magazine

The Layperson's-eye View--January/February 1999
The Common Touch--November/December 1998  
Listening to Feelings--September/October 1998
Family Church/Church Family--July/August 1998
Churchgoers and Other Strangers--May/June 1998
Men Sharing the Burden--March/April 1998
Old and New Unite in Ritual--January/February 1998
Theology of Who We Are--November/December 1997
Birthing Sermons--September/October 1997
Adding Life in Years--July/August 1997
Taking Jesus to Work--May/June 1997
The Ally of Tradition--March/April 1997
Sacred Sources--January/February 1997
Daily Dialogue--November/December 1996
Invitation to a Sermon--September/October 1996
Exodus Churches--July/August 1996
Me and Mrs. Jones--May/June 1996
Sparring Partners--March/April 1996
Art Makes Belief--January/February 1996
De-moralizing a Crisis--November/December 1995
Great Sermons--September/October 1995
Sacred Boundaries-- July/August 1995
The Rest Room Test--May/June 1995
Young-Adult Power--March/April 1995
Glue and Inspiration-- January/February 1995
Published by permission of The Christian Ministry magazine.

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