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Science Finds Multiple Benefits of Religion for Justice System

"If you were about to be executed, what would your last words be? For hundreds of Texas prisoners put to death since 1982, they were expressions of faith, to draw closer to and gain comfort from God and to express love for others, including praying for those they had wronged, a new study found. The research is part of several new studies illustrating how faith may serve to create a safer, more just society, from reducing recidivism and prison violence to helping those seeking redemption find a peace that can transform their lives. Organized religion, service attendance, congregational attitudes, an inmate's image of God, all may make a difference. The latest edition of Ahead of the Trend explores the research findings and their implications for public policy." [Read more].

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Knowing that preachers and teachers are in the midst of worship and sermon planning, we searched our affiliate group sites for great...

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