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Richard Rohr's New Book on The Gospel of Love

"As the title suggests, this anthology is organized around a central idea: that Rohr’s core message is a ringing proclamation of God’s love (and our invitation to respond/participate in that love). But you get a sense of the breadth and depth of Rohr’s work, since this anthology touches on most of the topics that he has become known for: including the Enneagram, men’s spirituality, Franciscan wisdom, and the importance of grounding both theology and social action in a deeply contemplative understanding of life — what Rohr describes as an “alternative orthodoxy.” [Read More on Patheos]




75th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising April 19, 1943

"April 19 is deeply embedded within my personal memory bank. On that date 75 years ago, in 1943, I was a youngster...

Strengthening Churches and Congregations

New book, Divergent Church from Tim Shapiro and Kara Faris featured by Center for Congregations.   New...

A No News Day

"Imagine you had a very special time machine: one that could take you back to any April 18 in all of history. When and...


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